Lyrics Day And Night – Ahreum ft Shannon & Geonji (Rom & Eng)

Lyrics Day And Night Areum T-ARA ft Shannon & Geonji (GAVY NJ) (Rom & Eng)

[*] saranghae neol gaseum apado dareungotman neon bogo isseodo
(I love you though my heart hurts, though you’re looking someplace else)
heosuabicheoreom seulpeun inhyeong cheoreom nan hangsang gidarigetji
(Like a scarecrow, like a sad doll, I’ll always be waiting)

natgwa bami ideusi sarangeun nal chajaoneungeol
(Just like day and night comes, love has found me too)
oeroun harukkeut ikkumsogeseo naneun neol mannaneungeol
(At the end of a lonely day, I met you in this dream)

Repeat [*]
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